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RV Accessories - Holding Tank Management

Product Description of the RV Sani-Con holding tank management system.

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The RV Sani-Con System is a once-installed-stays installed holding tank management system for RV's. 

The 12 volt dc powered pump and motor is designed to QUICKLY empty the tanks, backwash and RINSE the black tank with gray water or STORE gray water in the black tank when dry camping. You can pump up hill to 20 feet high as well as 250 feet away through a 3/4 inch water hose. The name of the machine is based on the sanitary and convenient benefits of the design

The name of the machine is based on the sanitary and convenient provisions of the design.

Simple to operate - Big Benefits

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Insert the hose into the sewer, open the valve on the end of the hose and open the black tank valve. Turn on the pump to empty the tank. After emptying the black tank, turn off the pump and leave the black valve open. Open the gray tank valve and allow the gray tank to flow into the black tank. Gravity will equalize the volume in the tanks in a few moments. Close the gray valve and turn the pump back on to rinse the black tank. You may repeat this process to rinse the tank again. Then open the gray tank valve and turn on the pump to empty the gray tank. Convenient and Sanitary.

The Story of RV Sani-Con

RVers will really appreciate RV Sani-Con's best features, which are no more rinsing, connecting or disconnecting that cumbersome, filthy sewer hose. The system will also let Rver's clean the black tank with the gray tank water internally without hooking up any other hose. Additionally, the appliance allows the user to transfer volume from the gray tank to the black tank to maximize the capacity of the tanks. 

This is extremely valuable for dry camping. 

There are two other benefits to the RV Sani-Con System. The closed loop system stops all slops and spills, reducing the Rver's exposure to disease. The system is also environmentally friendly. It reduces clean water usage by eliminating sewer hose rinsing and black tank rinsing. 

The RV Sani-Con literally saves hundreds of gallons of clean water annually and reduces the total effluent to be treated. 

The system comes completely assembled, with 24 feet of 11/4" hose and runs off the RV's 12 volt house batteries. The pump size is small, only 6x6x4 inches. Installation is simple; connect the 3-inch sewer hose, pull 2 wires to the 12 volt supply and you're ready to go. 

A gray water bypass system is included to allow continuous gray water flow during stays at parks with sewers at the site. The RV Sani-Con System takes the mess out of what was a nasty, dirty job. As Lannie Stegall says, "Flip a switch, empty the tanks." 

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