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Immediate Press Release - ASK FOR RV SANI-CON on your next new Coach!

"Monaco, Holiday Rambler, Safari, and Beaver Coaches have  been installing the RV Sani-Con as a standard appliance on several lines and as  an option on all other lines since 2004. Phoenix Cruiser installs the machines  as a standard appliance on every coach they build. Now you can also have the RV Sani-Con installed on the following brands.  Country Coach  installs the RV Sani-Con as an option on their coaches as well as American Coach, div of Fleetwood, and Blue Bird. Customers are asking for the  option when ordering new coaches and most can be ordered with the option. Be  sure and include these brands for their forward thinking when you order your next coach, you will enjoy your new coach even more."




RV Parts - Model 5800
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RV Sani-Con System Model 5800, SKU 70200

This machine is designed to connect to the RV sewer pipe and quickly turn the hose left or right for installation. Uses only 5" or less. Fits most Class A's and Class C's that have compartments. Has all of the features of the original Model 5800 plus the molded discharge nozzle and retractable 21' hose that stores in only 7' of length. The drip cap on the end of the nozzle closes off the entire system to prevent leaks and odors.

The molded nozzle, is furnished with 4" and 3" molded threads for the park sewer opening. Our exclusive, patented, gray water bypass system, now furnished with the larger 1/2" tubing, allows the gray water to empty around the motor into the sewer so you don't have to empty the gray tank frequently. This is the version furnished to RV manufacturers for installation on new recreational vehicles.

Over 30,000 have been sold. The 12volt DC pump and motor is completely assembled, wired, switched, tested, and ready to install on your RV. Easily connect to the 25' x 1" or 50' x 1" hose offered elsewhere on this page and you can pump up to 350' away. If you connect any macerator pump to a water hose that is too small, you will burn up the pump and motor. The hose must be 3/4" or larger at the female end.

The wiring kit includes 12 ga wire, terminals, and a 20 amp auto resetting breaker. Just twist the clear four ear adapter to the RV sewer pipe, supply 12 volt power from at least a 20 amp circuit, such as the house batteries and you are ready to use the RV Sani-Con.

Lifts 20' above the pump, up to 350' away, 12-14 gallons per minute flow rate, highest in the industry. 

Patented US and Canada : Patent No 6,352,088


RV Parts - 5800-6004
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RV Sani-Con Systems MODEL 5800-6004-HB, SKU 70224
(Same as 5800, except with twist-on fitting)

Installation is easy. Just twist it onto the end of the RV sewer pipe, hook up the wiring and you are ready to empty the tanks. Can be used as a portable since it just twists on. The gray water bypass system allows the gray water tank to empty around the pump at parks with sewers.

The system includes the new 21' x 1" retractable hose which stores in only 7 feet of length. The molded nozzle includes a threaded sewer adapter for both 4" and 3" threads. Lifts 20' above the pump, up to 350' away, 12-14 gallons per minute flow rate, highest in the industry. The overall length of the pump and motor when installed is only 8.5" , which takes very little room to install.

Requires a 12 volt circuit with at least 20 amps available. Do not hook to a light circuit in the bay or to any other appliance that might be used at the same time, such as the water pump. May be used with the 21 retractable hose, the 25 hose or the 50' hose offered. All wiring terminals, breaker, mounting screws and 20' of wiring is furnished for installation.  (replaces the 5800-6003)

US Patent No. 6,352,088

Tank Buddy RV Parts
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RV Sani-Con System Tank Buddy Model 8102-10, SKU 70247 (10 ft fixed length hose)
RV Sani-Con System Tank Buddy Model 8102-21, SKU 70248 (21 ft retractable hose)

"Specially Designed for 5th Wheel and Pull-Behind RV Trailers."

"Empty your tanks wherever and whenever you need to."

TANK BUDDY by RV Sani-Con is the latest appliance to electrically empty the waste tanks. It is portable, hooks up to the RV sewer and a 12 volt jump start battery with alligator clips (battery and alligator clips not furnished) and you are ready to empty the tanks. Requires no storage compartment or permanent installation.

The TANK BUDDY is pre-assembled, wired, and mounted in the box. A 3 inch adapter and hose to hook to the RV and a 1" discharge hose 12 feet long with nozzle and drip cap is furnished. The nozzle end can be hooked to a inch water hose (water hose not furnished). The pump will discharge up to 350 feet away and uphill to 20 feet above the pump. Now you can empty the tanks any time you need to. You can rinse the black tank with gray water and store gray in the black tank when you are dry camping.

Empty the tanks at home or when visiting family or friends without having to move your travel trailer or 5th wheel. 

Patented US & CAN


RV Sewer Connector
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This adapter connects to 3 inch and 4 inch threaded sewer pipes. Connects to white nozzle made by RV Sani-Con as a pressure fit connection. Most RV parks require a gas tight seal to prevent odors from escaping. Just click the nozzle threaded ring into the small diameter ring inside the adapter and thread into the sewer pipe.

RV Sewer Hose
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RV SANI-CON SYSTEMS Retractable Discharge Hose SKU 70424

Finally, a retractable sewer hose, stores only 7 feet long, stretches to 21 feet, for use. Easily connect to any sewer up to 21 feet away. 1 inch diameter for proper flow rate. Add extra sections quickly with the furnished push on barb connectors. Works with all pumps and motors carried by RV Sani-Con Systems. Fits easily into storage space.


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RV Sani-Con 3" x 24" Inlet Hose SKU 70421

3 inch inlet hose x 24 inches long, rubber over wire helix coil. Will withstand suction of pump and will not collapse under vacuum. Fits over the inlet end of the pump. 2 rubber gaskets to prevent leaks furnished with hose. Ship weight 5 lbs

Patented US & CAN

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RV Discharge Hose SKU 70426

RV Sani-Con 1" x 50' Discharge Hose. Provided with quick-couple to add hose sections for greater length. Will not overload pump like small garden hoses. Fits all macerator pump series. (requires clamp for pump, not furnished) Ship weight 18 lbs

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RV Macerator Pump by Jabsco SKU 70428

Marine and RV applications

Grinds toilet tissue and waste to 1/8" or less. 12 volt dc, 12 gallon per minute discharge rate, will lift 5 into pump and discharge 20 above the pump and over 175 away. 1 1/2" hose or pipe thread inlet connection and 1" outlet hose with push on connection. Wt. 8 lbs

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RV Molded Nozzle SKU 70400


Male water hose thread on both ends,1" push on barbed hose fitting, no clamp required, drip cap on one end, furnished. Hold with one hand, remove the drip cap and lock into sewer, clean and simple. Designed and manufactured by RV Sani-Con to fit most sewer pipes and provide a gas-tight seal.

Order extra nozzle to fasten onto water hose to terminate into the sewer pipe farther away when used with a true 3/4"  or larger water hose.  The threads are male on both ends of the nozzle to prevent drinking water hose from accidentally being hooked to the sewer nozzle.
(Note: make certain the hole in the female end of the water hose is 3/4" or larger, or the pump will be damaged)

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